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1 fruit

The ripened reproductive body of a seed plant.

Roget 154: effect, consequence; aftergrowth, aftercome; derivative, derivation; result; resultant, resultance; upshot, issue, denouement; end ... show more

Roget 161: production, creation, construction, formation, fabrication, manufacture; building, architecture, erection, edification; coinage; diaster; organization; ... show more

Roget 775: acquisition; gaining etc. v.; obtainment; procuration, procurement; purchase, descent, inheritance; gift etc. 784.    recovery, ... show more

Dutch: fruit, ooft, vrucht, zaadbol
Polish: owoc

2 fruit

An amount of a product.

synonym: yield.

3 fruit

The consequence of some effort or action.

Dutch: fruit
Polish: efekt, rezultat, wynik


1 fruit

Cause to bear fruit.

2 fruit

Bear fruit.

Moby thesaurus: Catawba, Persian melon, Valencia orange, acorn, advantages, aftermath, akee, alligator pear, ananas, apple, apricot, artifact, auntie, avocado, banana, bear, bear fruit, bearberry, bearing, benefits ... show more.

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