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1 liberation

The act of liberating someone or something.

synonyms: freeing, release.

Roget 671: escape, scape; avolation, elopement, flight; evasion etc. (avoidance) 623; retreat; narrow escape, hairbreadth escape; close call; ... show more

Roget 672: deliverance, extrication, rescue; reprieve, reprieval; respite; liberation etc. 750; emancipation; redemption, salvation; riddance; ... show more

Dutch: bevrijding, verlossing, vrijlating

2 liberation

The attempt to achieve equal rights or status.

3 liberation

The termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart).

synonyms: discharge, dismissal, dismission, firing, release, sack, sacking.

Roget 750: liberation, disengagement, release, enlargement, emancipation; disenthrallment, disenthralment; affranchisement, enfranchisement; manumission; discharge, dismissal.    deliverance etc. ... show more

Dutch: ontslag, uitstoot
Polish: odprawianie, zwalnianie

Moby thesaurus: abstraction, annexation, appropriation, boosting, break, breakout, broad-mindedness, conversion, conveyance, deliverance, delivery, emancipation, embezzlement, emergence, enfranchisement, enfranchising, escape, escapism, evasion, extrication ... show more.

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