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Roget category 189

2. Words relating to space
2.1. Space in general
›› 2.1.3. Existence in space

#189. [Place of habitation, or resort.] Abode


abode, dwelling, lodging, domicile, residence, apartment, place, digs, pad, address, habitation, where one's lot is cast, local habitation, berth, diggings, seat, lap, sojourn, housing, quarters, headquarters, resiance, tabernacle, throne, ark.
home, fatherlandcountryhomestead, homestallfiresidehearth, hearth stonechimney corner, inglenook, ingle sideharem, seraglio, zenanahousehold gods, lares et penates [Lat.], roof, household, housing, dulce domum [Lat.], paternal domicilenative soil, native land.
habitat, range, stamping groundhaunt, hangoutbiosphereenvironment, ecological niche.
nest, nidus, snuggeryarbor, bower, etc. 191lair, den, cave, hole, hiding place, cell, sanctum sanctorum [Lat.], aerie, eyrie, eyry, rookery, hivecovert, resort, retreat, perch, roostnidificationkala jagah.
bivouac, camp, encampment, cantonment, castrametationbarrack, casemate, casern.
tent etc. (covering) 223building etc. (construction) 161chamber etc. (receptacle) 191xenodochium.
tenement, messuage, farm, farmhouse, grange, hacienda, toft.
cot, cabin, hut, chalet, croft, shed, booth, stall, hovel, bothy, shanty, dugout [U.S.], wigwampen etc. (inclosure) 232barn, bawnkennel, sty, doghold, cote, coop, hutch, byrecow house, cow shedstable, dovecote, columbary, columbariumshippenigloo, iglu, jacallacustrine dwelling, lacuslake dwelling, lacuspile dwellinglog cabin, log houseshack, shebang [Slang], tepee, topek.
house, mansion, place, villa, cottage, box, lodge, hermitage, rus in urbe [Lat.], folly, rotunda, tower, chateau, castle, pavilion, hotel, court, manor-house, capital messuage, hall, palacekiosk, bungalowcasa [Sp.], country seat, apartment house, flat house, frame house, shingle house, tenement housetemple etc. 1000.
hamlet, village, thorp, dorp, ham, kraalborough, burgh, town, city, capital, metropolissuburbprovince, countrycounty town, county seatcourthouse [U.S.]ghetto.
street, place, terrace, parade, esplanade, alameda, board walk, embankment, road, row, lane, alley, court, quadrangle, quad, wynd [Scot.], close [Scot.], yard, passage, rents, buildings, mews.
square, polygon, circus, crescent, mall, piazza, arcade, colonnade, peristyle, cloistergardens, grove, residencesblock of buildings, market place, place, plaza.
anchorage, roadstead, roadsdock, basin, wharf, quay, port, harbor.
quarter, parish etc. (region) 181.
assembly room, meetinghouse, pump room, spa, watering placeinn hostel, hostelryhotel, tavern, caravansary, dak bungalow, khan, hospicepublic house, pub, pot house, mug housegin mill, gin palacebar, bar roombarrel house [U.S.], cabaret, chophouseclub, clubhousecookshop, dive [U.S.], exchange [Euph.]grill room, saloon [U.S.], shebeencoffee house, eating housecanteen, restaurant, buffet, cafe, estaminet, posadaalmshouse, poorhouse, townhouse [U.S.].
garden, park, pleasure ground, plaisance, demesne.
[quarters for animals] cage, terrarium, doghousepen, aviarybarn, stallzoo.


take up one's abode etc. (locate oneself) 184inhabit etc. (be present) 186.


urban, metropolitansuburbanprovincial, rural, rusticdomesticcosmopolitanpalatial.


eigner Hert ist goldes Werth [G.]even cities have their graves" [Longfellow]; ubi libertas ibi patria [Lat.]home sweet home.

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