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Roget category 45

1. Words expressing abstract relations
1.3. Quantity
›› 1.3.3. Conjunctive quantity

#45. [Connecting medium.] Connection


vinculum, linkconnective, connectionjunction etc. 43bond of union, copula, hyphen, intermediumbracketbridge, stepping-stone, isthmus.
bond, tendon, tendrilfibercord, cordageriband, ribbon, rope, guy, cable, line, halser, hawser, painter, moorings, wire, chainstring etc. (filament) 205.
fastener, fastening, tieligament, ligaturestraptackle, riggingstanding rigging, running riggingtraces, harnessyokeband ribband, bandagebrace, roller, filletinklewith, withe, withythong, braidgirder, tiebeamgirth, girdle, cestus, garter, halter, noose, lasso, surcingle, knot, running knotcabestro [U.S.], cinch [U.S.], lariat, legadero, oxreim suspenders.
pin, corking pin, nail, brad, tack, skewer, staple, corrugated fastenerclamp, U-clamp, C-clampcramp, cramp ironratchet, detent, larigo, pawlterret, treenail, screw, button, buckleclasp, hasp, hinge, hank, catch, latch, bolt, latchet, tagtoothhook, hook and eyelock, holdfast, padlock, rivetanchor, grappling iron, trennel, stake, post.
cement, glue, gum, paste, size, wafer, solder, lute, putty, birdlime, mortar, stucco, plaster, groutviscum.
shackle, rein etc. (means of restraint) 752prop etc. (support) 215.


bridge over, spanconnect etc. 43hang etc. 214.

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