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1 Confederate

A supporter of the Confederate States of America.

2 confederate

Someone who assists in a plot.

synonyms: collaborator, henchman, partner in crime.

Roget 711: auxiliary; recruit; assistant; adjuvant, adjutant; ayudante, coaid; adjunct; help, helper, help mate, helping hand; midwife; colleague, ... show more

Dutch: complice, handlanger, mededader, medeschuldige, trawant

3 confederate

A person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan).

synonym: accomplice.

Dutch: handlanger, medeplichtige


1 confederate

Form a group or unite.

synonym: band together.

Roget 709: cooperate, concur; coact, synergize.    conduce etc. 178; combine, unite one's efforts; keep together, draw together, pull together, club together, hand together, ... show more

2 confederate

Form a confederation with; of nations.


1 Confederate

Of or having to do with the southern Confederacy during the American Civil War.

2 confederate

United in a confederacy or league.

synonyms: allied, confederative.

Moby thesaurus: abettor, accessory, accompany, accomplice, accomplice in crime, act in concert, act together, adjunct, affiliate, affiliated, allied, ally, amalgamate, associate, associate with, associated, assort with, attend, band, band together ... show more.

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