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1 corporation

A business firm whose articles of incorporation have been approved in some state.

synonym: corp.

Roget 712: party, faction, side, denomination, communion, set, crew, band.    horde, posse, phalanx; family, clan, etc. ... show more

Roget 965: jurisdiction, judicature, administration of justice, soc; executive, commission of the peace; magistracy etc. (authority) 737.    judge etc. 967; tribunal ... show more

Roget 250: convexity, prominence, projection, swelling, gibbosity, bilge, bulge, protuberance, protrusion; camber, cahot [U.S.].    thank-ye-ma'am [U.S.].    swell.    intumescence; ... show more

Roget 192: size, magnitude, dimension, bulk, volume; largeness etc. adj.; greatness etc. (of quantity) 31; expanse etc. ... show more

Dutch: bedrijf
Polish: korporacja

2 corporation

Slang for a paunch.

synonyms: bay window, pot, potbelly, tummy.

Dutch: bierbuik

Moby thesaurus: Aktiengesellschaft, agency, aktiebolag, atelier, barbershop, bay window, beauty parlor, beauty shop, bench, body corporate, business, business establishment, butcher shop, cartel, chamber of commerce, combine, commercial enterprise, compagnie, company, concern ... show more.

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