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1 concur

Be in accord; be in agreement.

synonyms: agree, concord, hold.

Roget 709: cooperate, concur; coact, synergize.    conduce etc. 178; combine, unite one's efforts; keep together, draw together, pull together, club together, hand together, ... show more

Roget 120: coexist, concur, accompany, go hand in hand, keep pace with; synchronize.   

Roget 178: concur, conduce, conspire, contribute; agree, unite; hang together, pull together, join forces, make common cause.    etc. (cooperate) 709; help to ... show more

Roget 290: converge, concur, come together, unite, meet, fall in with; close with, close in upon; center round, center in; enter in; pour in.    gather together, ... show more

Dutch: concorderen, goedkeuren, toestemmen, het eens zijn, aansluiten, accorderen, bijvallen, instemmen, onderschrijven, ondersteunen ... show more

2 concur

Happen simultaneously.

synonym: coincide.

Roget 488: assent; give assent, yield assent, nod assent; acquiesce; agree etc. 23; receive, accept, accede, accord, concur, lend oneself to, ... show more

Dutch: coïncideren, samenvallen

Moby thesaurus: accede, accompany, accord, acquiesce, act in concert, act together, affiliate, agree, agree in opinion, agree with, ally, amalgamate, answer to, assent, associate, assort with, band, band together, be consistent, be in cahoots ... show more.

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