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1 velvet

A silky densely piled fabric with a plain back.

Roget 255: smoothness etc. adj.; polish, gloss; lubricity, lubrication.    [smooth materials] down, velvet, velure, silk, satin; velveteen, ... show more

Roget 256: roughness etc. adj.; tooth, grain, texture, ripple; asperity, rugosity, salebrosity, corrugation, nodosity; arborescence ... show more

Roget 377: pleasure; physical pleasure, sensual pleasure, sensuous pleasure; bodily enjoyment, animal gratification, hedonism, sensuality; luxuriousness etc. adj.; dissipation, round of pleasure, ... show more

Dutch: fluweel, manchester, velvet
Polish: aksamit


1 velvet

Smooth and soft to sight or hearing or touch or taste.

synonyms: velvet-textured, velvety.

2 velvet

Resembling velvet in having a smooth soft surface.

synonym: velvety.

Polish: aksamitny

Moby thesaurus: Easy Street, affluence, alabaster, bed of roses, billiard table, blubber, bowling alley, bowling green, breeze, butter, cinch, clay, clover, comfort, contentment, cushion, daintiness, delicacy, dough, down ... show more.

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