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Roget category 256

2. Words relating to space
2.3. Form
›› 2.3.3. Superficial form

#256. Roughness


roughness etc. adj. — tooth, grain, texture, rippleasperity, rugosity, salebrosity, corrugation, nodosityarborescence etc. 242pilosity.
brush, hair, beard, shag, mane, whisker, moustache, imperial, tress, lock, curl, ringletfimbriae, pili, cilia, villilovelockbeaucatchercurl papergoateepapillote, scalp lock.
plumage, plumosityplume, panache, crestfeather, tuft, fringe, toupee.
wool, velvet, plush, nap, pile, floss, fur, downbyssus, moss, burfluff.
knot (convolution) 248.


be rough etc. adj. — go against the grain.
render-rough etc. adj. — roughen, ruffle, crisp, crumple, corrugate, set on edge, stroke the wrong way, rumple.


rough, uneven, scabrous, scaly, knottedrugged, rugose, rugousknurlyasperous, crisp, salebrous, gnarled, unpolished, unsmooth, roughhewncraggy, craggedcrankling, scraggyprickly etc. (sharp) 253arborescent etc. 242leafy, well-woodedfeatheryplumose, plumigerouslaciniate, laciniform, laciniosepapposepileous, pilosetrichogenous, trichoid [Med.]tufted, fimbriated, hairy, ciliated, filamentous, hirsutecrinose, crinitebushy, hispid, villous, pappous, bearded, pilous, shaggy, shaggedfringed, befringedsetous, setose, setaceouslike quills upon the fretful porcupine" [Hamlet]; rough as a nutmeg grater, rough as a bear.
downy, velvety, flocculent, woolly lanate, lanatedlanuginous, lanuginosetomentosefluffy.


against the grain.


cabello luengo y corto el seso [Sp.].

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