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put straight


Roget 246: be straight etc. adj.; have no turning; not incline to either side, not bend to either side, not turn to either side, not deviate to either side; go straight; steer for etc. (directions) 278.    render straight, ... show more

Roget 527a: correct, set right, set straight, put straight; undeceive; enlighten.    show one one's error; point out an error, point out a fallacy; pick out an error, pick out the fallacy; open one's eyes.    pick apart an argument, confutation ... show more

Moby thesaurus: amend, awaken, break the spell, burst the bubble, compensate, correct, debunk, disabuse, disappoint, disenchant, disentangle, disillude, disillusion, disillusionize, emend, enlighten, expose, extend, flatten, give satisfaction ... show more.

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