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1 iron

A heavy ductile magnetic metallic element; is silver-white in pure form but readily rusts; used in construction and tools and armament; plays a role in the transport of oxygen by the blood.

synonyms: atomic number 26, Fe.

Roget 323: hardness etc. adj.; rigidity; renitence, renitency; inflexibility, temper, callosity, durity.    induration, petrifaction; lapidification, ... show more

Roget 159: strength; power etc. 157; energy etc. 171; vigor, force; main force, physical force, brute force; spring, elasticity, ... show more

Dutch: ijzer, strijkijzer
Polish: Fe, ┼╝elazo

2 iron

A golf club that has a relatively narrow metal head.

Polish: iron

3 iron

Implement used to brand live stock.

synonym: branding iron.

4 iron

Home appliance consisting of a flat metal base that is heated and used to smooth cloth.

synonym: smoothing iron.

Dutch: strijkijzer
Polish: ┼╝elazko


1 iron

Press and smooth with a heated iron:
— She stood there ironing.

synonyms: iron out, press.

Roget 255: smooth, smoothen; plane; file; mow, shave; level, roll; macadamize; polish, burnish, calender, glaze; iron, ... show more

Dutch: strijken


1 iron

Extremely robust:
— An iron constitution.

synonym: cast-iron.

Roget 604: resolved etc. v.; determined; strong-willed, strong-minded; resolute etc. (brave) 861; self-possessed; decided, definitive, peremptory, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Gibraltar, Oregon boat, adamant, adamantine, aluminum, americium, aureate, barium, beryllium, bicycle, bike, bilbo, bismuth, bond, bonds, bone, brass, brassy, brazen, brick ... show more.

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