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1 intimidation

The act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something.

synonym: bullying.

Roget 860: fear, timidity, diffidence, want of confidence; apprehensiveness, fearfulness etc. adj.; solicitude, anxiety, care, apprehension, misgiving; feeze [U.S.]; ... show more

Roget 909: threat, menace; defiance etc. 715; abuse, minacity, intimidation; denunciation; fulmination; commination etc. (curse) 908; ... show more

2 intimidation

The feeling of discouragement in the face of someone's superior fame or wealth or status etc..

3 intimidation

The feeling of being intimidated; being made to feel afraid or timid.

Dutch: intimidatie

4 intimidation

A communication that makes you afraid to try something.

synonyms: determent, deterrence.

Dutch: afschrikking, bangmakerij, intimidatie

Moby thesaurus: admonition, argumentum baculinum, bluff, bluster, bluster and bluff, blustering, boastfulness, bravado, browbeating, bulldozing, bullying, bustle, caution, cautioning, caveat, coercion, commination, cowing, demoralization, denunciation ... show more.

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