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1 flicker

A momentary flash of light.

synonyms: glint, spark.

2 flicker

North American woodpecker.

3 flicker

The act of moving back and forth.

synonyms: flutter, waver.

Roget 315: agitation, stir, tremor, shake, ripple, jog, jolt, jar, jerk, shock, succussion, trepidation, quiver, quaver, ... show more

Dutch: flutter


1 flicker

Move back and forth very rapidly:
— The candle flickered.

synonyms: flitter, flutter, quiver, waver.

Roget 315: be agitated &c.; shake; tremble, tremble like an aspen leaf; quiver, quaver, quake, shiver, twitter, twire, writhe, toss, shuffle, ... show more

Roget 420: shine, glow, glitter; glister, glisten; twinkle, gleam; flare, flare up; glare, beam, shimmer, glimmer, flicker, ... show more

Roget 422: be dim, grow dim etc. adj.; flicker, twinkle, glimmer; loom, lower; fade; pale, pale its ineffectual fire [Hamlet]. ... show more

Roget 149: fluctuate, vary, waver, flounder, flicker, flitter, flit, flutter, shift, shuffle, shake, totter, tremble, vacillate, ... show more

Roget 314: oscillate; vibrate, librate; alternate, undulate, wave; rock, swing; pulsate, beat; wag, waggle; nod, bob, ... show more

Dutch: flakkeren

2 flicker

Shine unsteadily:
— The candle flickered.

synonym: flick.

3 flicker

Flash intermittently.

synonym: flick.

Moby thesaurus: 3-D, Cinemascope, Cinerama, Technicolor, Western, animated cartoon, backfire, bake, balefire, be in heat, beacon, beacon fire, beat, beating, bicker, black-and-white film, blaze, blink, bloom, boil ... show more.

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