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1 span

The complete duration of something.

Roget 196: distance; space etc. 180; remoteness, farness, far-cry to; longinquity, elongation; offing, background; remote region; removedness; parallax; ... show more

Roget 200: length, longitude, span; mileage; distance etc. 196.    line, bar, rule, stripe, streak, spoke, radius.    ... show more

Roget 197: nearness etc. adj.; proximity, propinquity; vicinity, vicinage; neighborhood, adjacency; contiguity etc. 199.    short distance, short step, ... show more

Roget 106: time, duration; period, term, stage, space, span, spell, season; the whole time, the whole period; space-time; course ... show more

Roget 111: transience, transientness etc. adj.; evanescence, impermanence, fugacity [Chem], caducity, mortality, span; nine days' wonder, bubble, Mayfly; ... show more

Dutch: tijdruimte, tijdsbestek, tijdspanne, tijdsruimte, tijdsspanne, tijdsverloop

2 span

The distance or interval between two points.

Polish: rozpiętość, szerokość

3 span

Two items of the same kind.

synonyms: brace, couple, couplet, distich, duad, duet, duo, dyad, pair, twain ... show more.

Roget 89: duality, dualism; duplicity; biplicity, biformity; polarity.    two, deuce, couple, duet, brace, pair, cheeks, twins, ... show more

Dutch: koppel, paar, stel, twee, tweetal
Polish: parka

4 span

A unit of length based on the width of the expanded human hand (usually taken as 9 inches).

Polish: piędź

5 span

A structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc..

synonym: bridge.

Dutch: brug
Polish: most

6 span

The act of sitting or standing astride.

synonym: straddle.

Dutch: overspanning, spreidstand


1 span

To cover or extend over an area or time period:
— The parking lot spans 3 acres.
— The novel spans three centuries.

synonyms: cross, sweep, traverse.

Roget 43: join, unite; conjoin, connect; associate; put together, lay together, clap together, hang together, lump together, hold together, piece together [Fr.], tack together, fix together, ... show more

Roget 466: measure, mete; determine, assay; evaluate, value, assess, rate, appraise, estimate, form an estimate, set a value on; appreciate; standardize.    ... show more

Roget 45: bridge over, span; connect etc. 43; hang etc. 214.   

Moby thesaurus: Bifrost, a breath, accouple, accumulate, ace, aesthetic distance, agglutinate, amass, amplitude, appraise, appreciate, apse, arcade, arcature, arch, arch over, arched roof, archway, articulate, assay ... show more.

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1 spin

A swift whirling motion (usually of a missile).

2 spin

The act of rotating rapidly:
— He gave the crank a spin.

synonyms: twirl, twist, twisting, whirl.

Dutch: effect, schroef, spin, wervelbeweging, werveling
Polish: młyniec

3 spin

A short drive in a car.

4 spin

Rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral.

synonym: tailspin.

Dutch: tolvlucht, vrille
Polish: korkociąg

5 spin

A distinctive interpretation (especially as used by politicians to sway public opinion).


1 spin

Revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis.

synonyms: gyrate, reel, spin around, whirl.

Roget 610: reject; set aside, lay aside; give up; decline etc. (refuse) 764; exclude, except; pluck, spin; cast.    repudiate, ... show more

Roget 312: rotate; roll along; revolve, spin; turn round; circumvolve; circulate; gyre, gyrate, wheel, whirl, pirouette; twirl, trundle, ... show more

Dutch: spinnen

2 spin

Stream in jets, of liquids.

3 spin

Cause to spin:
— Spin a coin.

synonyms: birl, twirl, whirl.

Dutch: spinnen

4 spin

Make up a story.

5 spin

Form a web by making a thread.

6 spin

Work natural fibers into a thread.

7 spin

Twist and turn so as to give an intended interpretation.

Dutch: draaien, spinnen

8 spin

Prolong or extend:
— Spin out a visit.

synonym: spin out.

Moby thesaurus: Charybdis, Sunday drive, advance, airing, angle, angular momentum, angular motion, angular velocity, ascend, axial motion, back, back up, bait the hook, bank, bob, bowling, budge, centrifugate, centrifugation, centrifuge ... show more.

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