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1 flood

The rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land.

synonyms: alluvion, deluge, inundation.

Roget 31: greatness etc. adj.; magnitude; size etc. (dimensions) 192; multitude etc. (number) 102; immensity; enormity; ... show more

Roget 282: progress, progression, progressiveness; advancing etc. v.; advance, advancement; ongoing; flood, tide, headway; march ... show more

Roget 734: prosperity, welfare, well-being; affluence etc. (wealth) 803; success etc. 731; thrift, roaring trade; good fortune, smiles of fortune; ... show more

Roget 72: assemblage; collection, collocation, colligation; compilation, levy, gathering, ingathering, muster, attroupement; team; concourse, conflux, congregation, ... show more

Dutch: inundatie, overstroming, vloed
Polish: powódź, wylew

2 flood

An overwhelming number or amount:
— A flood of requests.

synonyms: deluge, inundation, torrent.

Roget 348: running water.    jet, spirt, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau [Fr.]; sluice.    water spout, water fall; ... show more

Dutch: overvloed, stortvloed

3 flood

Light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography.

synonyms: flood lamp, floodlight, photoflood.

4 flood

A large flow.

synonyms: outpouring, overflow.

Roget 639: sufficiency, adequacy, enough, withal, satisfaction, competence; no less; quantum sufficit [Lat.], Q.   S. mediocrity etc. (average) 29.    fill; ... show more

Dutch: overstroming, overvloeiing, watervloed, zondvloed
Polish: zalanie

5 flood

The act of flooding; filling to overflowing.

synonym: flowage.

Polish: zalanie

6 flood

The occurrence of incoming water (between a low tide and the following high tide):
— A tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

synonyms: flood tide, rising tide.

Dutch: hoogwater, overstroming, vloed, watersnood


1 flood

Fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid:
— The images flooded his mind.

synonyms: deluge, inundate, swamp.

Roget 641: superabound, overabound; know no bounds, swarm; meet one at every turn; creep with, crawl with, bristle with; overflow; run over, flow over, well over, brim over; run riot; ... show more

Dutch: onderlopen, onderstromen

2 flood

Cover with liquid, usually water.

3 flood

Supply with an excess of:
— Flood the market with tennis shoes.

synonyms: glut, oversupply.

4 flood

Become filled to overflowing.

Moby thesaurus: Niagara, abundance, access, accession, accretion, accrual, accruement, accumulation, acres, addition, advance, affluence, aggrandizement, alluvion, alluvium, ample sufficiency, ampleness, amplification, amplitude, appreciation ... show more.

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