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Roget category 102

1. Words expressing abstract relations
1.5. Number
›› 1.5.3. Indeterminate number

#102. Multitude


multitudenumerous etc. adj. — numerosity, numeralitymultiplicityprofusion etc. (plenty) 639legion, hostgreat number, large number, round number, enormous numbera quantity, numbers, array, sight, army, sea, galaxyscores, peck, bushel, shoal, swarm, draught, bevy, cloud, flock, herd, drove, flight, covey, hive, brood, litter, farrow, fry, nestcrowd etc. (assemblage) 72lotsall in the world and his wife.
[Increase of number] greater number, majoritymultiplication, multiple.


be numerous etc. adj. — swarm with, teem with, creep withcrowd, swarm, come thick upon outnumber, multiplypeopleswarm like locusts, swarm like bees.


many, several, sundry, divers, various, not a fewBriareana hundred, a thousand, a myriad, a million, a quadrillion, a nonillion, a thousand and onesome ten or a dozen, some forty or fifty &c. — half a dozen, half a hundred &c. — very many, full many, ever so manynumerousnumeroseprofuse, in profusionmanifold, multiplied, multitudinous, multiple, multinominal, teeming, populous, peopled, crowded, thick, studdedgalore.
thick coming, many more, more than one can tell, a world ofno end of, no end tocum multis aliis [Lat.]thick as hops, thick as hailplenty as blackberriesnumerous as the stars in the firmament, numerous as the sands on the seashore, numerous as the hairs on the headand what not, and heaven knows whatendless etc. (infinite) 105.


their name is 'legion' —" acervatim [Lat.]en foule [Fr.]many-headed multitude" [Sidney]; numerous as glittering gems of morning numerous as glittering gems of morning dew" [Young]; vel prece vel pretio [Lat.].

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