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1 greatness

The property possessed by something or someone of outstanding importance or eminence.

synonym: illustriousness.

Roget 873: distinction, mark, name, figure; repute, reputation; good repute, high repute; note, notability, notoriety, eclat, the bubble reputation" [As You Like It], ... show more

Roget 642: importance, consequence, moment, prominence, consideration, mark, materialness.    import, significance, concern; emphasis, interest.    greatness etc. ... show more

Roget 33: superiority, majority; greatness etc. 31; advantage; pull; preponderance, preponderation; vantage ground, prevalence, partiality; personal superiority; nobility ... show more

Polish: wybitność, wielkość

2 greatness

Unusual largeness in size or extent or number.

synonyms: enormousness, grandness, immenseness, immensity, sizeableness, vastness, wideness.

Roget 31: greatness etc. adj.; magnitude; size etc. (dimensions) 192; multitude etc. (number) 102; immensity; enormity; ... show more

Roget 192: size, magnitude, dimension, bulk, volume; largeness etc. adj.; greatness etc. (of quantity) 31; expanse etc. ... show more

Dutch: onmetelijkheid
Polish: ogromność

Moby thesaurus: accomplishment, ampleness, amplitude, area, ascendancy, authority, bigheartedness, bigness, body, breadth, broadness, brooding, bulk, caliber, capaciousness, chivalrousness, chivalry, comprehensiveness, consequence, conspicuousness ... show more.

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