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1 agglomeration

A jumbled collection or mass.

Roget 46: coherence, adherence, adhesion, adhesiveness; concretion accretion; conglutination, agglutination, agglomeration; aggregation; consolidation, set, cementation; sticking, soldering ... show more

Roget 72: assemblage; collection, collocation, colligation; compilation, levy, gathering, ingathering, muster, attroupement; team; concourse, conflux, congregation, ... show more

Dutch: concentratie, congestie, conglomeraat, opeenhoping, ophoping

2 agglomeration

The act of collecting in a mass; the act of agglomerating.

Dutch: agglomeratie

Moby thesaurus: Anschluss, accretion, accumulation, acervation, addition, adherence, adhesion, affiliation, agglomerate, agglutination, aggregate, aggregation, agreement, alliance, amalgamation, amassment, articulation, assimilation, association, blend ... show more.

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