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1 stack

An orderly pile.

Dutch: stapel
Polish: stóg

2 stack

often followed by `of' A large number or amount or extent.

synonyms: batch, deal, flock, good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess ... show more.

Roget 72: assemblage; collection, collocation, colligation; compilation, levy, gathering, ingathering, muster, attroupement; team; concourse, conflux, congregation, ... show more

Roget 636: stock, fund, mine, vein, lode, quarry; spring; fount, fountain; well, wellspring; milch cow.    stock in trade, supply; ... show more

Dutch: bende, berg, boel, bom, bulk, bups, een groot aantal, hoop, kluit, kwak ... show more
Polish: armia, legion, tabun, zastęp

3 stack

A list in which the next item to be removed is the item most recently stored (LIFO).

synonyms: push-down list, push-down stack.

4 stack

A large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated.

synonym: smokestack.

Dutch: buis, schoorsteen

5 stack

A storage device that handles data so that the next item to be retrieved is the item most recently stored (LIFO).

synonyms: push-down storage, push-down store.


1 stack

Load or cover with stacks.

2 stack

Arrange in stacks:
— Stack your books up on the shelves.

synonyms: heap, pile.

Roget 636: store; put by, lay by, set by; stow away; set apart, lay apart; store treasure, hoard treasure, lay up, heap up, put up, garner up, save up; ... show more

Dutch: accumuleren, cumuleren, opeenhopen

3 stack

Arrange the order of so as to increase one's winning chances.

Moby thesaurus: abundance, accumulate, accumulation, add up, adulterate, agglomerate, agglomeration, aggregate, aggregation, agree, amass, amassment, amount, anger, anthill, archives, armory, array, arsenal, atelier ... show more.

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