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1 menagerie

A collection of live animals for study or display.

Roget 636: stock, fund, mine, vein, lode, quarry; spring; fount, fountain; well, wellspring; milch cow.    stock in trade, supply; ... show more

Roget 72: assemblage; collection, collocation, colligation; compilation, levy, gathering, ingathering, muster, attroupement; team; concourse, conflux, congregation, ... show more

Dutch: menagerie

2 menagerie

The facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition.

synonyms: zoo, zoological garden.

Roget 370: husbandry, taming etc. v.; circuration, zoohygiantics; domestication, domesticity; manege [Fr.], veterinary art; farriery; breeding, pisciculture.    menagerie, ... show more

Dutch: dierenpark, dierentuin, diergaarde, zoo
Polish: ogród zoologiczny, zoo, zwierzyniec

Moby thesaurus: Festschrift, ana, anthology, aquarium, body, chrestomathy, collectanea, collection, compilation, corpus, data, florilegium, fund, holdings, library, museum, raw data, treasure, zoo, zoological garden.

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