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1 inflexible

Incapable of change.

Roget 326: unyielding, inelastic, inflexible etc. (soft) 324; irresilient.   

Roget 604: resolved etc. v.; determined; strong-willed, strong-minded; resolute etc. (brave) 861; self-possessed; decided, definitive, peremptory, ... show more

Roget 606: obstinate, tenacious, stubborn, obdurate, casehardened; inflexible etc. (hard) 323; balky; immovable, unshakable, not to be moved; ... show more

Roget 246: straight; rectilinear, rectilineal; direct, even, right, true, in a line; unbent, virgate etc. v.; undeviating, unturned, ... show more

Polish: nieelastyczny

2 inflexible

Not making concessions.

synonyms: sturdy, uncompromising.

Roget 739: severe; strict, hard, harsh, dour, rigid, stiff, stern, rigorous, uncompromising, exacting, exigent, exigeant, inexorable, ... show more

Dutch: compromisloos
Polish: bezkompromisowy

3 inflexible

Resistant to being bent.

Polish: nieelastyczny, niegiętki, niesprężysty, sztywny, twardy

4 inflexible

Incapable of adapting or changing to meet circumstances:
— An inflexible law.

synonyms: rigid, unbending.

Roget 323: hard, rigid, stubborn, stiff, firm; starch, starched; stark, unbending, unlimber, unyielding; inflexible, tense; indurate, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: adamant, adamantine, at a standstill, cast-iron, certain, changeless, closed to, constant, determinate, determined, dogged, dour, dyed, established, fated, fateful, firm, fixed, flinty, frozen ... show more.

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