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1 mongrel

Derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin.

synonym: bastard.

Roget 83: nonconformity etc. 82; unconformity, disconformity; unconventionality, informality, abnormity, abnormality, anomaly; anomalousness etc. adj.; exception, ... show more

Roget 41: mixture, admixture, commixture, commixtion; commixion, intermixture, alloyage, matrimony; junction etc. 43; combination etc. 48; ... show more

Dutch: bastaard, buitenechtelijk kind, hoerenjong, hufter, klootzak, onecht kind, rotzak

2 mongrel

An inferior dog or one of mixed breed.

synonyms: cur, mutt.

Roget 366: animal, animal kingdom; fauna; brute creation.    beast, brute, creature, critter [U.S.]; wight, created being; creeping thing, living thing; dumb animal, ... show more

Roget 949: bad man, wrongdoer, worker of iniquity; evildoer etc. 913; sinner; the wicked etc. 945; bad example.    villain, rascal, ... show more

Dutch: mormel, idioot, halve gare, bastaard, bastaardhond, straathond
Polish: mieszaniec, wielorasowiec, kundel, pies nierasowy


Roget 940: dishonest, dishonorable; unconscientious, unscrupulous; fraudulent etc. 545; knavish; disgraceful etc. (disreputable) 974; wicked etc. ... show more

Roget 83: uncomformable, exceptional; abnormal, abnormous; anomalous, anomalistic; out of order, out of place, out of keeping, out of tune, out of one's element; irregular, arbitrary; teratogenic; ... show more

Roget 41: mixed etc. v.; implex, composite, half-and-half, linsey-woolsey, chowchow, hybrid, mongrel, heterogeneous; motley etc. (variegated) ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Cape Colored, Eurasian, animal, bastard, beast, cattalo, citrange, cross, crossbred, crossbreed, crossed, cur, dog, griffe, half blood, half-bred, half-breed, half-caste, high yellow, hinny ... show more.

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