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1 narrow

A narrow strait connecting two bodies of water.

Dutch: versmalling


1 narrow

Make or become more narrow or restricted:
— The selection was narrowed.
— The road narrowed.

synonym: contract.

Roget 203: be narrow etc. adj.; narrow, taper, contract etc. 195; render narrow etc. adj.; waste away.   

Roget 469: qualify, limit, modify, leaven, give a color to, introduce new conditions, narrow, temper.    waffle, quibble, hem and haw (be uncertain) 475; equivocate ... show more

Dutch: vernauwen, versmallen

2 narrow

Define clearly:
— I cannot narrow down the rules for this game.

synonyms: nail down, narrow down, peg down, pin down, specify.

3 narrow

Become more focused on an area of activity or field of study.

synonyms: narrow down, specialise, specialize.

4 narrow

Become tight or as if tight.

synonyms: constrict, constringe.

Roget 195: become small, become smaller; lessen, decrease etc. 36; grow less, dwindle, shrink, contract, narrow, shrivel, collapse, wither, ... show more


1 narrow

Not wide.

Roget 203: narrow, close; slender, thin, fine; thread-like etc. (filament) 205; finespun, gossamer; paper-thin; taper, ... show more

Polish: w─ůski

2 narrow

Limited in size or scope.

3 narrow

Lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view:
— A brilliant but narrow-minded judge.
— Narrow opinions.

synonym: narrow-minded.

Polish: ciasny, ograniczony

4 narrow

Very limited in degree.

5 narrow

Characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination:
— A narrow scrutiny.

synonym: minute.

Moby thesaurus: Lenten, Quakerish, Spartan, Victorian, abate, abbreviate, abstemious, accented, accurate, adjust to, alter, alveolar, angustifoliate, angustirostrate, angustisellate, angustiseptal, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, articulated ... show more.

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