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1 excessive

Beyond normal limits:
— Excessive charges.

synonyms: inordinate, undue, unreasonable.

Roget 31: great; greater etc. 33; large, considerable, fair, above par; big, huge etc. (large in size) 192; ... show more

Polish: nadmierny

2 excessive

Unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings.

synonyms: extravagant, exuberant, overweening.

Roget 641: redundant; too much, too many; exuberant, inordinate, superabundant, excessive, overmuch, replete, profuse, lavish; prodigal etc. 818; ... show more

Polish: ekstrawagancki

Moby thesaurus: a bit much, abandoned, acute, aggrandized, amplified, ballyhooed, bibulous, boundless, cloying, crapulent, crapulous, cutthroat, cutting, disgusting, disproportionate, dissipated, dizzy, drastic, egregious, enormous ... show more.

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