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1 summarize

Give a summary (of):
— I will now summarize.

synonyms: resume, sum up, summarise.

Roget 596: abridge, abstract, epitomize, summarize; make an abstract, prepare an abstract, draw an abstract, compile an abstract etc. n.. recapitulate, review, skim, ... show more

Dutch: opsommen, excerperen, extraheren, recapituleren, resumeren, samenvatten, uittrekken

2 summarize

Be a summary of:
— The abstract summarizes the main ideas in the paper.

synonyms: sum, sum up, summarise.

Moby thesaurus: abbreviate, abridge, abstract, add up, battologize, bob, boil down, brief, capsule, capsulize, cast up, cipher up, clip, compress, condense, contract, count up, crop, curtail, cut ... show more.

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