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1 multiply

Combine by multiplication.

Dutch: multipliceren, verheffen, vermenigvuldigen

2 multiply

Combine or increase by multiplication:
— He managed to multiply his profits.

synonym: manifold.

Dutch: vermenigvuldigen, verveelvoudigen

3 multiply

Have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms).

synonym: breed.

Roget 85: number, count, tally, tell; call over, run over; take an account of, enumerate, muster, poll, recite, recapitulate; sum; ... show more

Roget 102: be numerous etc. adj.; swarm with, teem with, creep with; crowd, swarm, come thick upon; outnumber, multiply; people; swarm like locusts, ... show more

Dutch: broeden, fokken

4 multiply

Have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant.

synonyms: procreate, reproduce.

Roget 163: reproduce; restore etc. 660; revive, renovate, renew, regenerate, revivify, resuscitate, reanimate; remake, refashion, ... show more

Roget 168: make productive etc. adj.; fructify; procreate, generate, fertilize, spermative, impregnate; fecundate, fecundify; teem, multiply; ... show more

Dutch: reproduceren, vermenigvuldigen, voortpanten, voortplanten


1 multiply

In several ways; in a multiple manner.

Moby thesaurus: abound with, accrue, accumulate, add, advance, aggrandize, algebraize, appreciate, army, augment, balloon, be alive with, be fruitful, be productive, bear, beef up, beget, bloat, boom, boost ... show more.

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