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1 announce

Make known; make an announcement.

synonym: denote.

Dutch: aanduiden, aankondigen, betekenen, bekendmaken, notificeren, notifiëren, publiceren

2 announce

Announce publicly or officially.

synonym: declare.

Roget 535: assert; make an assertion etc. n.; have one's say; say, affirm, predicate, declare, state; protest, profess.    put forth, ... show more

Dutch: afroepen, heten, verklaren

3 announce

Give the names of.

Dutch: declareren, aandienen, aanmelden

4 announce

Foreshadow or presage.

synonyms: annunciate, foretell, harbinger, herald.

Roget 511: predict, prognosticate, prophesy, vaticinate, divine, foretell, soothsay, augurate, tell fortunes; cast a horoscope, cast a nativity; advise; forewarn ... show more

Roget 527: tell; inform, inform of; acquaint, acquaint with; impart, impart to; make acquaintance with, apprise, advise, enlighten, awaken; transmit.    ... show more

Dutch: aankondigen

Moby thesaurus: advertise, affirm, allege, annunciate, antecede, antedate, anticipate, argue, assert, assever, asseverate, attest, augur, aver, avouch, avow, be before, be early, bespeak, betoken ... show more.

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