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1 vouch

Give personal assurance; guarantee.

Roget 535: assert; make an assertion etc. n.; have one's say; say, affirm, predicate, declare, state; protest, profess.    put forth, ... show more

2 vouch

Give surety or assume responsibility:
— I vouch for the quality of my products.

synonym: guarantee.

3 vouch

Summon (a vouchee) into court to warrant or defend a title.

4 vouch

Give supporting evidence.

Moby thesaurus: acknowledge, affirm, affirmance, affirmation, allegation, allege, and candle, announcement, annunciation, assert under oath, assertion, asseverate, asseveration, assure, attest, aver, averment, avouch, avouchment, avow ... show more.

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