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Roget category 768

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.8. Conditional intersocial volition

#768. Promise


promise, undertaking, word, troth, plight, pledge, parole, word of honor, vowoath etc. (affirmation) 535profession, assurance, warranty, guarantee, insurance, obligationcontract etc. 769stipulation.
engagement, preengagementaffiancebetroth, betrothal, betrothment.


promisegive a promise etc. n. — undertake, engagemake an engagement, form an engagemententer into an engagement, enter on an engagementbind oneself, tie oneself, pledge oneself, commit oneself, take upon oneselfvowswear etc. (affirm) 535, give one's word, pass one's word, pledge one's word, plight one's word, give one's honor, pass one's honor, pledge one's honor, plight one's honor, give credit, pass credit, pledge credit, plight credit, give troth, pass troth, pledge troth, plight trothbetroth, plight faith.
assure, warrant, guaranteecovenant etc. 769attest etc. (bear witness) 467.
hold out an expectationcontract an obligationbecome bound to, become sponsor foranswer for, be answerable forsecuregive security etc. 771underwrite.
adjure, administer an oath, put to one's oath, swear a witness.


promising etc. v. — promissoryvotiveunder hand and seal, upon oath.
promised etc. v. — affianced, pledged, bound committed, compromisedin for it.


as one's head shall answer for.


in for a penny in for a poundex voto [Lat.]gage d'amour.

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