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1 guide

Someone employed to conduct others.

synonym: usher.

Roget 694: director, manager, governor, rector, comptroller.    superintendent, supervisor, straw boss; intendant; overseer, overlooker; supercargo, husband, inspector, ... show more

Roget 550: indication; symbolism, symbolization; semiology, semiotics, semeiology, semeiotics; Zeitgeist.    [means of recognition: property] characteristic, diagnostic; lineament, feature, ... show more

Roget 695: advice, counsel, adhortation; word to the wise; suggestion, submonition, recommendation, advocacy; advisement.    exhortation etc. (persuasion) 615; ... show more

Roget 540: teacher, trainer, instructor, institutor, master, tutor, director, Corypheus, dry nurse, coach, grinder, crammer, don; governor, ... show more

2 guide

Someone who shows the way by leading or advising.

Dutch: gids

3 guide

Something that offers basic information or instruction.

synonym: guidebook.

Roget 527: information, enlightenment, acquaintance, knowledge etc. 490; publicity etc. 531; data etc. 467.    communication, ... show more

Roget 266: travel; traveling etc. v.. wayfaring, campaigning.    journey, excursion, expedition, tour, trip, grand tour, circuit, peregrination, ... show more

Dutch: gids, leidraad, wegwijzer
Polish: baedeker, bedeker, gid, przewodnik

4 guide

A model or standard for making comparisons.

synonyms: template, templet.

Dutch: boormal, mal, malplaatje, patroon, sjabloon

5 guide

Someone who can find paths through unexplored territory.

synonyms: pathfinder, scout.

Dutch: padvinder, verkenner
Polish: zwiadowca

6 guide

A structure or marking that serves to direct the motion or positioning of something.

Polish: prowadnica


1 guide

Direct the course; determine the direction of travelling.

synonyms: channelise, channelize, direct, head, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, point, steer.

Roget 537: teach, instruct, educate, edify, school, tutor; cram, prime, coach; enlighten etc. (inform) 527.    inculcate, ... show more

2 guide

Take somebody somewhere.

synonyms: conduct, direct, lead, take.

Roget 693: direct, manage, govern, conduct; order, prescribe, cut out work for; bead, lead; lead the way, show the way; take the lead, lead on; regulate, ... show more

Dutch: leiden, voeren

3 guide

Be a guiding or motivating force or drive.

synonym: steer.

Dutch: sturen

4 guide

Use as a guide:
— They had the lights to guide on.

synonym: guide on.

5 guide

Pass over, across, or through.

synonyms: draw, pass, run.

Moby thesaurus: Baedeker, Dutch uncle, Gyropilot, Masan, Polonius, abecedarian, accompany, admonisher, advise, adviser, advisor, advocate, air hole, allegorist, ancestor, ancestral spirits, angel, annotator, announcer, antecedent ... show more.

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