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1 coach

sports Someone in charge of training an athlete or a team.

synonyms: handler, manager.

Dutch: beheerder, coach, directeur, manager, oefenmeester, trainer
Polish: trener

2 coach

A person who gives private instruction (as in singing, acting, etc.).

synonyms: private instructor, tutor.

Roget 540: teacher, trainer, instructor, institutor, master, tutor, director, Corypheus, dry nurse, coach, grinder, crammer, don; governor, ... show more

Dutch: huisonderwijzer, mentor, privé-leraar, studiebegeleider, trainen
Polish: tutor

3 coach

A railcar where passengers ride.

synonyms: carriage, passenger car.

Dutch: equipage
Polish: wagon pasażerski

4 coach

A carriage pulled by four horses with one driver.

synonyms: coach-and-four, four-in-hand.

Dutch: diligence, karos, koets, postkoets
Polish: kocz

5 coach

A vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport.

synonyms: autobus, bus, charabanc, double-decker, jitney, motorbus, motorcoach, omnibus, passenger vehicle.

Roget 272: vehicle, conveyance, carriage, caravan, van; common carrier; wagon, waggon, wain, dray, cart, lorry.    truck, tram; ... show more

Dutch: autobus, bus, dubbeldekker, klein busje, omnibus
Polish: autobus


1 coach

Teach and supervise (someone); act as a trainer or coach (to), as in sports:
— She is coaching the crew.

synonym: train.

Roget 537: teach, instruct, educate, edify, school, tutor; cram, prime, coach; enlighten etc. (inform) 527.    inculcate, ... show more

Dutch: opleiden, scholen

2 coach

Drive a coach.

Moby thesaurus: Privatdocent, Privatdozent, Pullman, Pullman car, advise, advocate, amateur athlete, archer, athlete, athletic coach, baggage car, ballplayer, barge, baseballer, baseman, batter, battery, blocking back, boat, bowman ... show more.

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