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1 clue

A slight indication.

synonym: hint.

Roget 462: answer, response, reply, replication, riposte, rejoinder, surrejoinder, rebutter, surrebutter, retort, repartee; rescript, rescription; ... show more

2 clue

Evidence that helps to solve a problem.

synonyms: clew, cue.

Roget 550: indication; symbolism, symbolization; semiology, semiotics, semeiology, semeiotics; Zeitgeist.    [means of recognition: property] characteristic, diagnostic; lineament, feature, ... show more

Dutch: spoor, aanwijzing
Polish: poszlaka


1 clue

Roll into a ball.

synonym: clew.

Moby thesaurus: acquaint, advice, advise, alerting, answer, apprise, basis for belief, body of evidence, broad hint, catchword, caution, chain of evidence, cue, cue word, data, datum, documentation, evidence, exhibit, fact ... show more.

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