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1 hyphen

A punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text.

synonym: dash.

Roget 45: vinculum, link; connective, connection; junction etc. 43; bond of union, copula, hyphen, intermedium; bracket; bridge, stepping-stone, ... show more

Roget 550: indication; symbolism, symbolization; semiology, semiotics, semeiology, semeiotics; Zeitgeist.    [means of recognition: property] characteristic, diagnostic; lineament, feature, ... show more

Dutch: aandachtsstreep, aandachtstreep, afbreekteken, afbrekingsteken, divisie, gedachtenstreepje, gedachtestreep, koppelteken, trait d'union, trait-d'union ... show more
Polish: dywiz, dzielnik, tiret, łącznik


1 hyphen

Divide or connect with a hyphen:
— Hyphenate these words and names.

synonym: hyphenate.

Dutch: afbreken

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