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Roget category 272

2. Words relating to space
2.4. Motion
›› 2.4.1. Motion in general

#272. Vehicle


vehicle, conveyance, carriage, caravan, vancommon carrierwagon, waggon, wain, dray, cart, lorry.
truck, tramcariole, carriolelimber, tumbrel, pontoonbarrowwheel barrow, hand barrowperambulatorBath chair, wheel chair, sedan chairchaisepalankeen, palanquinlitter, brancard, crate, hurdle, stretcher, ambulanceblack Mariaconestoga wagon, conestoga wainjinrikisha, ricksha, brett, dearborn [U.S.], dump cart, hack, hackery, jigger, kittereen, mailstate, manomotor, rig, rockaway, prairie schooner [U.S.], shay, sloven, team, tonga, wheelhobbyhorse, go-cartcyclebicycle, bike, two-wheelertricycle, velocipede, quadricycle.
equipage, turn-outcoach, chariot, phaeton, break, mail phaeton, wagonette, drag, curricle, tilbury, whisky, landau, barouche, victoria, brougham, clarence, calash, caleche [Fr.], britzka, araba, kibitkaberlinsulky, desobligeant [Fr.], sociable, vis-a-vis, dormeuse [Fr.]jaunting car, outside cardandidoolie, doolymunchil, palkiroller skates, skaterunaboutskitonjonvettura.
post chaise, diligence, stagestage coach, mail coach, hackney coach, glass coachstage wagon, car, omnibus, fly, cabriolet, cab, hansom, shofle, four-wheeler, growler, droshki, drosky.
dogcart, trap, whitechapel, buggy, four-in-hand, unicorn, random, tandemshandredhan, char-a-bancs [Fr.].
motor car, automobile, limousine, car, auto, jalopy, clunker, lemon, flivver, coupe, sedan, two-door sedan, four-door sedan, luxury sedanwheels [Coll.], sports car, roadster, gran turismo [It], jeep, four-wheel drive vehicle, electric car, steamergolf cart, electric wagontaxicab, cab, taxicoach, checker cab, yellow cabstation wagon, family carmotorcycle, motor bike, side carvan, minivan, bus, minibus, microbustruck, wagon, pick-up wagon, pick-up, tractor-trailer, road train, articulated vehicleracing car, racer, hot rod, stock car, souped-up car.
bob, bobsled, bobsleighcutterdouble ripper, double runner [U.S.]jumper, sled, sledge, sleigh, toboggan.
trainaccommodation train, passenger train, express trail, special train, corridor train, parliamentary train, luggage train, freight train, goods train1st class train, 2nd class train, 3rd class train, 1st class carriage, 2nd class carriage, 3rd class carriage, 1st class compartment, 2nd class compartment, 3rd class compartmentrolling stockhorse box, cattle truckbaggage car, express car, freight car, parlor car, dining car, Pullman car, sleeping car, sleeper, dome carsurface car, tram car, trolley carbox car, box wagonhorse car [U.S.]bullet train, shinkansen [Jap.], cannonball, the Wabash cannonball, lightning expressluggage vanmail, mail car, mail van.
shovel, spool, spatula, ladle, hod, hoespade, spaddle, loyspudpitchforkpost hole digger.
[powered construction vehicles] tractor, steamshovel, backhoe, fork lift, earth mover, dump truck, bulldozer, grader, caterpillar, trench digger, steamrollerpile drivercrane, wrecking crane.

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