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1 dock

An enclosure in a court of law where the defendant sits during the trial.

Roget 636: stock, fund, mine, vein, lode, quarry; spring; fount, fountain; well, wellspring; milch cow.    stock in trade, supply; ... show more

Roget 966: tribunal, court, board, bench, judicatory; court of justice, court of law, court of arbitration, administrative court; inquisition; guild.    justice seat; judgment seat, mercy seat; ... show more

Dutch: beklaagdenbank, strafbank, verdachtenbank

2 dock

Any of certain coarse weedy plants with long taproots, sometimes used as table greens or in folk medicine.

synonyms: sorrel, sour grass.

Dutch: klit
Polish: szczaw

3 dock

A platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats.

synonyms: pier, wharf, wharfage.

Roget 189: abode, dwelling, lodging, domicile, residence, apartment, place, digs, pad, address, habitation, where one's lot is cast, local habitation, berth, ... show more

Roget 691: workshop, workhouse, workplace, shop, place of business; manufactory, mill, plant, works, factory; cabinet, studio; office, branch office bureau, ... show more

Dutch: kaai, kade, pier, pijler, wal, werf
Polish: nabrze┼╝e

4 dock

A platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded.

synonym: loading dock.

5 dock

Landing in a harbor next to a pier where ships are loaded and unloaded or repaired; may have gates to let water in or out:
— The ship arrived at the dock more than a day late.

synonyms: dockage, docking facility.

Dutch: dok
Polish: dok

6 dock

The solid bony part of the tail of an animal as distinguished from the hair.

7 dock

A short or shortened tail of certain animals.

synonyms: bob, bobtail.


1 dock

Come into dock.

Roget 201: be short etc. adj.; render short etc. adj.; shorten, curtail, abridge, abbreviate, take in, reduce; compress etc. ... show more

2 dock

Deprive someone of benefits, as a penalty.

3 dock

Deduct from someone's wages.

4 dock

Remove or shorten the tail of an animal.

synonyms: bob, tail.

5 dock

Maneuver into a dock.

Moby thesaurus: L, R, abbreviate, abridge, abscind, abstract, acting area, alight, amputate, anchor, anchorage, anchorage ground, annihilate, apron, apron stage, archives, armory, arsenal, attic, backstage ... show more.

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