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Roget category 695

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.3. Voluntary action
›› 5.3.2. Complex voluntary action

#695. Advice


advice, counsel, adhortationword to the wisesuggestion, submonition, recommendation, advocacyadvisement.
exhortation etc. (persuasion) 615expostulation etc. (dissuasion) 616admonition etc. (warning) 668guidance etc. (direction) 693.
instruction, charge, injunction, obtestationGovernor's message, President's messageKing's message, Queen's speechmessage, speech from the throne.
adviser, promptercounsel, counselormonitor, mentor, Nestor, magnus Apollo [Lat.], senatorteacher etc. 540.
guide, manual, chart etc. (information) 527.
physician, doctor, leech, archiater.
arbiter etc. (judge) 967.
reference, refermentconsultation, conference, pourparler.


advise, counselgive advice, give counsel, give a piece of advice [Fr.]suggest, prompt, submonish, recommend, prescribe, advocateexhort etc. (persuade) 615.
enjoin, enforce, charge, instruct, callcall upon etc. (request) 765dictate.
expostulate etc. (dissuade) 616admonish etc. (warn) 668.
advise withlay heads together, consult togethercompare noteshold a council, deliberate, be closeted with.
confer, consult, refer to, call intake advice, follow advicebe advised by, have at one's elbow, take one's cue from.


recommendatoryhortative etc. (persuasive) 615dehortatory etc. (dissuasive) 616admonitory etc. (warning) 668.


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give every man thine ear but few thy voice" [Hamlet]; I pray thee cease thy counsel" [Much Ado About Nothing]; my guide, philosopher, and friend" [Pope]; 'twas good advice and meant, my son be good" [Crabbe]; verbum sat sapienti [Lat.], a word to the wise is sufficientvive memor leti [Lat.]we, ask advice but we mean approbation" [Colton].

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