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1 disciplinarian

Someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms.

synonyms: martinet, moralist.

Roget 540: teacher, trainer, instructor, institutor, master, tutor, director, Corypheus, dry nurse, coach, grinder, crammer, don; governor, ... show more

Roget 739: severity; strictness, harshness etc. adj.; rigor, stringency, austerity; inclemency etc. (pitilessness) 914.1; arrogance etc. ... show more

Dutch: fatsoensrakker, moralist, strenge meester, zedenmeester, zedenprediker

Moby thesaurus: Simon Legree, absolute monarch, absolute ruler, all-powerful ruler, arrogator, autarch, autocrat, caesar, commissar, czar, despot, dictator, driver, duce, hard master, martinet, oligarch, oppressor, pharaoh, slave driver ... show more.

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