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1 omen

A sign of something about to happen:
— He looked for an omen before going into battle.

synonyms: portent, presage, prodigy, prognostic, prognostication.

Roget 64: precursor, antecedent, precedent, predecessor; forerunner, vancourier, avant-coureur [Fr.], pioneer, prodrome, prodromos, prodromus, outrider; leader, bellwether; ... show more

Roget 511: prediction, announcement; program, programme [Brit.] etc. (plan) 626; premonition etc. (warning) 668; prognosis, prophecy, vaticination, ... show more

Roget 512: omen, portent, presage, prognostic, augury, auspice; sign etc. (indication) 550; harbinger etc. (precursor) 64; ... show more

Roget 550: indication; symbolism, symbolization; semiology, semiotics, semeiology, semeiotics; Zeitgeist.    [means of recognition: property] characteristic, diagnostic; lineament, feature, ... show more

Dutch: prefiguratie, voorafschaduwing, voorbode, voorloper, voorspook, voorteken


1 omen

Indicate, as with a sign or an omen.

synonyms: augur, auspicate, betoken, bode, forecast, foreshadow, foretell, portend, predict, prefigure ... show more.

Dutch: voorbeduiden, beduiden, aankondigen, voorspellen, waarzeggen, wichelen

Moby thesaurus: actuarial prediction, adumbrate, adumbration, apocalypse, augur, augury, auspicate, auspice, betoken, betokening, betokenment, bode, boding, danger sign, early symptom, falling barometer, forebode, foreboding, forecast, forecasting ... show more.

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