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Roget category 466

4. Words relating to the intellectual faculties
4.2. Precursory conditions and operations

#466. Measurement


measurement, admeasurement, mensuration, survey, valuation, appraisement, assessment, assizeestimate, estimationdead reckoning, reckoning etc. (numeration) 85gauging etc. v. — horse power.
metrology, weights and measures, compound arithmetic.
measure, yard measure, standard, rule, foot rule, compass, calipersgage, gaugemeter, line, rod, checkdividersvelo.
flood mark, high water markPlimsoll lineindex etc. 550.
scalegraduation, graduated scalenoniusvernier etc. (minuteness) 193.
[instruments for measuring] bathometer, galvanometer, heliometer, interferometer, odometer, ombrometer, pantometer, pluviometer, pneumatometer, pneumometer, radiometer, refractometer, respirometer, rheometer, spirometer, telemeter, udometer, vacuometer, variometer, viameter, thermometer, thermistor (heat) etc. 382, barometer (air) etc. 338, anemometer (wind) 349, dynamometer, goniometer, (angle) 244 meterlandmark etc. (limit) 233balance, scale etc. (weight) 319marigraph, pneumatograph, stethographrain gauge, rain gagevoltmeter (volts), ammeter (amps); spectrophotometer (light absorbance); mass spectrophotometer (molecular mass); geiger counter, scintillation counter (radioactivity); pycnometer (liquid density); graduated cylinder, volumetric flask (volume); radar gun (velocity); radar (distance); side-looking radar, (shape, topography); sonar (depth in water); light meter (light intensity); clock, watch, stopwatch, chronometer (time); anemometer (wind velocity); densitometer (color intensity). measurability, computability, determinability.
coordinates, ordinate and abscissa, polar coordinates, latitude and longitude, declination and right ascension, altitude and azimuth.
geometry, stereometry, hypsometrymetagesurveying, land surveyinggeodesy, geodetics, geodesiaorthometry, altimetrycadastre [Fr.].
astrolabe, armillary sphere.
land surveyorgeometer.


measure, metedetermine, assayevaluate, value, assess, rate, appraise, estimate, form an estimate, set a value onappreciatestandardize.
span, pace stepapply the compass etc. n. — gauge, plumb, probe, sound, fathomheave the log, heave the leadsurvey.
take an average etc. 29graduate.


measuring etc. v. — metric, metricalmeasurable, perceptible, noticeable, detectable, appreciable, ponderable, determinable, fathomablegeodetical, topographic, topographical, cartographic, cartographical.

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