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1 earshot

The range within which a voice can be heard:
— The children were told to stay within earshot.

synonyms: earreach, hearing.

Roget 418: hearing etc. v.; audition, auscultation; eavesdropping; audibility.    acute ear, nice ear, delicate ear, quick ear, sharp ear, correct ear, ... show more

Roget 197: nearness etc. adj.; proximity, propinquity; vicinity, vicinage; neighborhood, adjacency; contiguity etc. 199.    short distance, short step, ... show more

Dutch: gehoorsafstand, hoorbereik

Moby thesaurus: ace, auditory range, bit, bowshot, brief span, carrying distance, close quarters, close range, crack, earreach, gunshot, hair, hair space, hairbreadth, hairsbreadth, hearing, inch, little, little ways, pistol shot ... show more.

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