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1 divide

A serious disagreement between two groups of people (typically producing tension or hostility).

2 divide

A ridge of land that separates two adjacent river systems.

synonyms: water parting, watershed.

Dutch: keerpunt, waterscheiding
Polish: dział wód, dział wodny, wododział


1 divide

Separate into parts or portions:
— Divide the cake into three equal parts.

synonyms: carve up, dissever, separate, split, split up.

Roget 85: number, count, tally, tell; call over, run over; take an account of, enumerate, muster, poll, recite, recapitulate; sum; ... show more

Roget 786: apportion, divide; distribute, administer, dispense; billet, allot, detail, cast, share, mete; portion out, parcel out, dole out; ... show more

Roget 91: bisect, halve, divide, split, cut in two, cleave dimidiate, dichotomize.    go halves, divide with.    separate, fork, bifurcate; branch off, ... show more

Roget 60: reduce to order, bring into order; introduce order into; rally.    arrange, dispose, place, form; put in order, set in order, place in order; set out, collocate, pack, ... show more

Roget 44: be disjoined &c.; come off, fall off, come to pieces, fall to pieces; peel off; get loose.    disjoin, disconnect, disengage, disunite, dissociate, dispair; ... show more

Roget 609: offers one's choice, set before; hold out the alternative, present the alternative, offer the alternative; put to the vote.    use option, use discretion, exercise option, exercise discretion, one's option; adopt, take up, embrace, ... show more

Dutch: afsnijden, delen, verdelen

2 divide

Perform a division:
— Can you divide 49 by seven?.

synonym: fraction.

3 divide

Act as a barrier between; stand between:
— The mountain range divides the two countries.

synonym: separate.

4 divide

Come apart.

synonyms: part, separate.

Roget 51: part, divide, break etc. (disjoin) 44; partition etc. (apportion) 786.   

5 divide

Make a division or separation.

synonym: separate.

6 divide

Force, take, or pull apart.

synonyms: disunite, part, separate.

Moby thesaurus: Continental Divide, Great Divide, aberrate, abrupt, add, aggravate, agree to differ, agree to disagree, algebraize, alienate, allocate, allot, alphabetize, analyze, anatomize, apportion, appraise, appreciate, arrange, assay ... show more.

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