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1 associate

A person who joins with others in some activity or endeavor.

Roget 711: auxiliary; recruit; assistant; adjuvant, adjutant; ayudante, coaid; adjunct; help, helper, help mate, helping hand; midwife; colleague, ... show more

Dutch: compagnon, lid, medewerker, partner

2 associate

A friend who is frequently in the company of another.

synonyms: companion, comrade, familiar, fellow.

Roget 88: accompaniment; adjunct etc. 39; context; appendage, appurtenance.    coexistence, concomitance, company, association, companionship; partnership, copartnership; ... show more

Roget 890: friend, friend of one's bosom; alter ego; best friend, bosom friend, soulmate, fast friend; amicus [Lat.]; usque ad aras [Lat.]; fidus Achates [Lat.]; persona grata.    acquaintance, neighbor, next-door neighbor, ... show more

Dutch: gezelschapsdame, kameraad
Polish: kompan, kompanion

3 associate

A person with subordinate membership in a society, institution, or commercial enterprise.

4 associate

Any event that usually accompanies or is closely connected with another.

Dutch: associƫren, verenigen

5 associate

A degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies.

synonym: associate degree.


1 associate

Make a logical or causal connection.

synonyms: colligate, connect, link, link up, relate, tie in.

Roget 72: assemble [be or come together], collect, muster; meet, unite, join, rejoin; cluster, flock, swarm, surge, stream, herd, ... show more

Roget 43: join, unite; conjoin, connect; associate; put together, lay together, clap together, hang together, lump together, hold together, piece together [Fr.], tack together, fix together, ... show more

Roget 9: be related etc. adj.; have a relation etc. n.; relate to, refer to; bear upon, regard, concern, touch, affect, have to do with; ... show more

Roget 712: unite, join; club together etc. (cooperate) 709; cement a party, form a party etc. n.; associate etc. (assemble) 72; ... show more

Dutch: combineren, relateren

2 associate

Keep company with; hang out with:
— He associates with strange people.

synonyms: affiliate, assort, consort.

3 associate

Bring or come into association or action.

synonym: consociate.


1 associate

Having partial rights and privileges or subordinate status.

Moby thesaurus: Greek, abettor, accessory, accompany, accomplice, accord, accouple, accumulate, ace, acquaintance, act in concert, act together, affiliate, affiliate with, affiliated, affiliation, agglutinate, agree, alliance, allied ... show more.

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