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1 interpolation

A message (spoken or written) that is introduced or inserted:
— With the help of his friend's interpolations his story was eventually told.

synonym: insertion.

Roget 41: mixture, admixture, commixture, commixtion; commixion, intermixture, alloyage, matrimony; junction etc. 43; combination etc. 48; ... show more

Roget 85: numeration; numbering etc. v.; pagination; tale, recension, enumeration, summation, reckoning, computation, supputation; calculation, calculus; ... show more

Polish: wstawka

2 interpolation

mathematics Calculation of the value of a function between the values already known.

Dutch: interpolatie
Polish: interpolacja, interpolacja wielomianowa

3 interpolation

The action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts.

synonyms: interjection, interpellation, interposition.

Roget 228: interposition, interjacence, intercurrence, intervenience, interlocation, interdigitation, interjection, interpolation, interlineation, interspersion, intercalation.    [interposition at a fine-grained level] interpenetration; permeation; ... show more

Dutch: interruptie

Moby thesaurus: addition, affix, allonge, appendix, approximation, aside, cadenza, coda, codicil, commentary, differentiation, division, embedment, enclitic, entrance, envoi, epilogue, episode, equation, evolution ... show more.

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