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1 differentiation

A discrimination between things as different and distinct on the basis of their characteristics or attributes.

synonym: distinction.

Roget 85: numeration; numbering etc. v.; pagination; tale, recension, enumeration, summation, reckoning, computation, supputation; calculation, calculus; ... show more

Roget 465: discrimination, distinction, differentiation, diagnosis, diorism; nice perception; perception of difference, appreciation of difference; estimation etc. 466; nicety, refinement; ... show more

Dutch: discriminatie, distinctie, onderscheiding
Polish: odróżnienie, rozróżnienie

2 differentiation

The mathematical process of obtaining the derivative of a function.

Polish: różniczkowanie

3 differentiation

biology The structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function:
— Cell differentiation in the developing embryo.

synonyms: specialisation, specialization.

Moby thesaurus: addition, alteration, analysis, anatomization, approximation, atomization, capriciousness, change, changeability, changeableness, characterization, choppiness, contradistinction, dappleness, definition, demarcation, denomination, denotation, description, designation ... show more.

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