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1 crisis

An unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty.

Roget 8: circumstance, situation, phase, position, posture, attitude, place, point; terms; regime; footing, standing, status.    ... show more

Roget 118: the present, the present time, the present day, the present moment, the present juncture, the present occasion; the times, the existing time, the time being; today, these days, nowadays, our times, modern times, ... show more

Roget 134: timeliness, occasion, opportunity, opening, room; event (eventuality) 151; suitable season, proper season, suitable time, proper time; high time; ... show more

Roget 151: eventuality, event, occurrence, incident, affair, matter, thing, episode, happening, proceeding, contingency, juncture, experience, fact; ... show more

Roget 704: difficulty; hardness etc. adj.; impracticability etc. (impossibility) 471; tough work, hard work, uphill work; hard task, Herculean task, ... show more

Dutch: crisis, crisissituatie, noodsituatie, noodtoestand

2 crisis

A crucial stage or turning point in the course of something.

Dutch: breekpunt, keerpunt, crisis

Moby thesaurus: bench mark, boom, bottoming out, breakers ahead, business cycle, business fluctuations, bust, calamity, cardhouse, cardinal point, catastrophe, cause for alarm, chief thing, climacteric, climax, clutch, contingency, convergence of events, cooling off, core ... show more.

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