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1 repair

The act of putting something in working order again.

synonyms: fix, fixing, fixture, mend, mending, reparation.

Roget 689: bracing etc. v.; recovery of strength, recuperation etc. 159; restoration, revival etc. 660; repair, refection, refocillation, ... show more

Roget 660: restoration, restoral; reinstatement, replacement, rehabilitation, reestablishment, reconstitution, reconstruction; reproduction etc. 163; renovation, renewal; ... show more

Roget 658: improvement; amelioration, melioration; betterment; mend, amendment, emendation; mending etc. v.; advancement; advance etc. (progress) ... show more

Dutch: herstel, herstellingswerk, lapwerk, redres, reparatie, stopwerk
Polish: naprawa

2 repair

A formal way of referring to the condition of something.

3 repair

A frequently visited place.

synonyms: hangout, haunt, resort, stamping ground.

Dutch: chillen, vakantieoord, geliefkoosde plaats
Polish: kurort, wczasowisko


1 repair

Restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken:
— She repaired her TV set.
— Repair my shoes please.

synonyms: bushel, doctor, fix, furbish up, mend, restore, touch on.

Roget 689: brace etc. (strengthen) 159; reinvigorate; air, freshen up, refresh, recruit; repair etc. (restore) 660; fan, ... show more

Roget 952: atone, atone for; expiate; propitiate; make amends, make good; reclaim, redeem, repair, ransom, absolve, purge, shrive, do penance, ... show more

Roget 658: improve; be better, become better, get better; mend, amend.    advance etc. (progress) 282; ascend etc. 305; increase ... show more

Dutch: herstellen, lappen, lijmen, maken, redresseren, repareren, verbeteren, verstellen

2 repair

Make amends for; pay compensation for:
— One can never fully repair the suffering and losses of the Jews in the Third Reich.

synonyms: compensate, indemnify, recompense.

Roget 790: return, restore; give back, carry back, bring back; render, render up; give up; let go, unclutch; disgorge, regorge; regurgitate; recoup, ... show more

Dutch: compenseren, indemniseren, schadeloosstellen

3 repair

Move, travel, or proceed toward some place:
— He repaired to his cabin in the woods.

synonym: resort.

4 repair

Set straight or right:
— Repair an oversight.

synonyms: amend, rectify, remediate, remedy.

Dutch: herstellen, verhelpen

5 repair

Give new life or energy to:
— This treatment repaired my health.

synonyms: animate, quicken, reanimate, recreate, renovate, revive, revivify, vivify.

Roget 660: return to the original state; recover, rally, revive; come come to, come round, come to oneself; pull through, weather the storm, be oneself again; get well, get round, get the better of, get over, ... show more

Dutch: doen herleven, herleven, herrijzen, opbloeien, opleven, reanimeren, recreƫren

Moby thesaurus: adjust, adjustment, amends, apply, atone, atone for, bad condition, brighten up, brush up, case, cobble, commission, compensate, compensation, condition, correction, darn, do up, doctor, estate ... show more.

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