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Roget category 307

2. Words relating to space
2.4. Motion
›› 2.4.4. Motion with reference to direction

#307. Elevation


elevationraising etc. v. — erection, liftsublevation, upheavalsublimation, exaltationprominence etc. (convexity) 250.
lever etc. 633crane, derrick, windlass, capstan, winchdredge, dredger, dredging machine.
dumbwaiter, elevator, escalator, lift.


heighten, elevate, raise, lift, erectset up, stick up, perch up, perk up, tilt uprear, hoist, heaveuplift, upraise, uprear, upbear, upcast, uphoist, upheavebuoy, weigh mount, give a liftexaltsublimateplace on a pedestal, set on a pedestal.
escalate etc. (increase) 35 102 194.
take up, drag up, fish updredge.
stand up, rise up, get up, jump upspring to one's feethold oneself, hold one's head updrawn oneself up to his full height.


elevated etc. v. — stilted, attollent, rampant.


on stilts, on the shoulders of, on one's legs, on one's hind legs.

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