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1 convey

of information Make known; pass on.

Dutch: overbrengen

2 convey

Serve as a means for expressing something.

synonyms: carry, express.

Roget 516: mean, signify, express; import, purport; convey, imply, breathe, indicate, bespeak, bear a sense; tell of, speak of; touch on; ... show more

3 convey

Transfer to another.

synonyms: communicate, transmit.

Dutch: overdragen

4 convey

Transmit a title or property.

5 convey

Transmit or serve as the medium for transmission.

synonyms: carry, channel, conduct, impart, transmit.

Roget 270: transfer, transmit, transport, transplace, transplant, translocate; convey, carry, bear, fetch and carry; carry over, ferry over; hand pass, forward; ... show more

Roget 783: transfer, convey; alienate, alien; assign; grant etc. (confer) 784; consign; make over, hand over; pass, hand, ... show more

Dutch: overdragen

6 convey

Take something or somebody with oneself somewhere.

synonyms: bring, take.

Dutch: brengen

7 convey

Go or come after and bring or take back.

synonyms: bring, fetch, get.

Dutch: halen

Moby thesaurus: abalienate, alien, alienate, amortize, articulate, assign, barter, bear, bequeath, break, breathe, broadcast, buck, canalize, carry, cede, channel, channelize, chime, chorus ... show more.

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