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1 require

Require as useful, just, or proper:
— Success usually requires hard work.

synonyms: ask, call for, demand, involve, necessitate, need, postulate, take.

Roget 630: require, need, want, have occasion for; not be able to do without, not be able to dispense with; prerequire.    render necessary, necessitate, create a, necessity for, call for, put in requisition; ... show more

Roget 744: compel, force, make, drive, coerce, constrain, enforce, necessitate, oblige.    force upon, press; cram down the throat, thrust down the throat, force down the throat; ... show more

Roget 812: bear a price, set a price, fix a price; appraise, assess, doom [U.S.], price, charge, demand, ask, require, exact, run up; ... show more

Roget 924: be due etc. adj.. to, be the due etc. n.. of; have right to, have title to, have claim to; be entitled to; have a claim upon; belong to ... show more

Roget 926: be the duty of; be incumbent etc. adj.. on, be responsible etc. adj.; behoove, become, befit, beseem; belong to, pertain to; ... show more

2 require

Consider obligatory; request and expect:
— We require our secretary to be on time.

synonyms: ask, expect.

Dutch: verwachten

3 require

Make someone do something.

synonym: command.

Dutch: bevelen, commanderen, dicteren, gebieden, gelasten, ordonneren, prescriberen, verordonneren, voorschrijven

4 require

Have need of.

synonyms: need, want.

Roget 640: be insufficient etc. adj.; not suffice etc. 639; come short of etc. 304; run dry.    want, lack, need, ... show more

Dutch: behoeven, hoeven

Moby thesaurus: affect, appoint, ask, ask for, assess, assume, authorize, be hurting for, be indicated, bind, blackmail, bring, brook no denial, call, call for, challenge, charge, charge for, claim, clamor for ... show more.

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