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1 ringlet

A round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals).

synonyms: coil, curl, curlicue, gyre, roll, scroll, whorl.

Roget 247: circularity, roundness; rotundity etc. 249.    circle, circlet, ring, areola, hoop, roundlet, annulus, annulet, ... show more

Dutch: rol, wervelwind
Polish: rola, zwój

2 ringlet

A strand or cluster of hair.

synonyms: curl, lock, whorl.

Roget 256: roughness etc. adj.; tooth, grain, texture, ripple; asperity, rugosity, salebrosity, corrugation, nodosity; arborescence ... show more

Dutch: rotatie, haarlok, lok, tres
Polish: kosmyk, pasemko

3 ringlet

A small ring.

4 ringlet

Any of various butterflies belonging to the family Satyridae.

synonym: ringlet butterfly.

Moby thesaurus: annulet, circlet, cirrus, coil, corkscrew, crimp, curl, curlicue, evolute, eye, eyelet, frizz, frizzle, grommet, gyre, helix, involute, kink, lock, ponytail ... show more.

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